The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and National Guidance (MOICT & NG) has collaborated with Coursera Inc. and the Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology (UICT) to undertake and deliver a Workforce Recovery Training in Uganda.


Coursera is an international training provider that was founded in 2012 and has collaborated world over with Governments, top universities and industry educators to offer courses, professional certificates, specializations and degree programs.

UICT is a Government ICT Skills-based tertiary institution and centre of excellence that provides high quality market-driven training, research, innovation and consultancy services to support the development of a Knowledge Society.

The Workforce Recovery Training provides our citizens with free access to over 3,800+ online courses and training modules, from top universities and companies, designed to upskill workers to re-enter the workforce or upgrade in the workforce.  The initiative aims to provide free life-transforming online learning to anyone, anywhere and safely. The training focuses on anchor skills for industry demand, job readiness, digital literacy, reskilling displaced workers and robust recovery, and entrepreneurship.

The Workforce Recovery Training shall be coordinated by UICT.

This serves to request you to communicate this information and encourage staff, citizens and stakeholders within your jurisdiction to enrol for this programme.

Thank you for your support in the journey to literacy and workforce recovery powered by the use of online mechanisms.

Please follow the links below to Apply or Send Queries:

  1. Application for participation in the Initiative (Request Form):
  2. Send any queries to