National Certificate in Business and Management Studies

The NCBA is a full time programme to be taught in two academic years. Each academic year will consist of two
semesters composed of 17 weeks of which 15 weeks shall be for training and continuous assessments and 2 weeks for finalexaminations.
The competence based education and training (CBET) system caters for free exit before completion of the programme once the learner obtains reasonable skills to enable him/her do something to earn a living. Such a learner may return to continue with the programme at a later date as long as it is done within a period of not more than 5 years from the date of enrollment

A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the NCBA programme on meeting any of
the following requirements:
a) Ordinary Level Entry Scheme (Uganda Certificate of Education) The candidate should be a holder of a
Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least three passes obtained in the same year of sitting.

b) Certificate Entry Scheme
The candidate should hold a Junior Vocational Certificate (JVC), or any other relevant
certificate obtained from a recognised institution