Ministry of ICT and National Guidance

The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and National Guidance was established in June 2006 to provide strategic and technical leadership, overall coordination, support and advocacy on all matters of policy, laws, regulations and strategy for the ICT sector. 


A knowledgeable and productive society driven by Information, Communications Technology and National Ideology

Sector Mandate

To provide strategic leadership and supervision in information, Communications and Technology and National Guidance for Sustainable Development 


To increase access and usage of ICT infrastructure and services throughout the country, ensure effective communication of government policies and programmes and promote a national ideology for social economic transformation.

This partnership is intended to operate and manage the National ICT Innovation Hub on behalf of the Government of Uganda. This is meant to enhance the capacity of the Institute to execute its mandate to conduct Research and Incubation activities.

The National ICT Innovation Hub shall help nature, accelerate and leverage homegrown innovative digital solutions. In addition, the ICT Innovation Hub shall accelerate entrepreneurship and digital employment in the country.