Vision, Mission & Core Values


“To be a World-Class Center of Excellence in ICT skills-based training, research and innovation”


“To provide high quality market driven ICT skills-based training, research, innovation and consultancy services that supports development of a knowledge society.”




Excellence: UICT is committed to excellence in teaching, learning, research, engagement and support, and delivering quality in everything we do, supported through the provision of flexible pathways through education

Inclusiveness:  The Institute will foster diversity in its staff and student population, and provide equality of access for all, as well as to its stakeholders

Service:  UICT will take the time to understand the needs of its students, and stakeholders, and will be proactively responsive through the provision of solutions that meet the immediate and longer focus needs of its stakeholders

Innovation:  UICT values agility, creativity and entrepreneurial activities that support the advancement of its students and staff, the Institute and the country

Experience: UICT will provide a quality and supportive environment that encourages students to open their minds, experience Institute life and become rounded graduates, prepared for the world of work.