Vision, Mission & Core Values


“To be a World-Class Center of Excellence in ICT skills-based training, research and innovation”


“To provide high quality market driven ICT skills-based training, research, innovation and consultancy services that supports development of a knowledge society.”




Integrity: UICT is committed to integrity and to the highest ethical standards of honesty, fairness, transparency, responsibility, and accountability.

Transparency: UICT is committed to providing information at a time and in a manner that will be useful to its stakeholders.


  1. Honouring commitments to our customers and to one another;

  2. Taking responsibility to accomplish our work, on-time, with the highest quality possible.

  3. Upholding ethos that met the expectations of the different stakeholders;

  4. Providing accurate information to all our stakeholders in a transparent manner;

  5. Reports on assessment of our learning outcomes, including employability of our graduates.

Innovation: UICT fosters innovation by encouraging its students, faculty and staff to explore novel ideas in an environment of free and open inquiry, to pursue the discovery and application of knowledge and to develop innovative solutions.


  1. UICT recognizes the value of working in teams with mutual respect to customers and recognition of individual efforts, opinions and perceptions which will together contribute to excellent results.

  2. UICT recognizes that its strength and competitive advantage is – and will always be – people. UICT values the skills, strengths, and perspectives of our diverse team. UICT staff will cooperate with each other through teamwork and free exchange of information between individuals and departments.

Unity of Purpose:

  1. UICT believes in creating meaningful work for all staff with a mission and sense of direction for the Institute as a whole;

  2. Bringing together people from different backgrounds, disciplines, cultures and generations [leveraging] all they have to offer towards the organisation’s goals.


  1. Adoption of work ethics that demonstrate competence and capacity to generate results to the expected institutional, national, international and discipline-specific standards.

  2. A culture of customer care that promotes UICT as a responsible public institution.

Equal Opportunity: UICT will be an equal opportunity institution that embraces diversity in order to achieve maximum potential without discrimination.

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