Life on Campus

Life on Campus

Counseling and Guidance

The Counselling and Guidance Centre helps students who need assistance on guidance about their daily life issues which might hamper their steady progress in the academic field or prevent them from enjoying their life in general. Such problems embrace the whole range of health (Medical and psychiatric) problems, Socio-Economic, marital, sexual, academic, spiritual and other problems. The Centre is currently housed in the UICT premises.

Medical Access

UICT clinic comprises various units which render different services to the institute Community. It offers both curative and preventive services. The dental unit offers extraction, scaling, polishing and filling-in services for the teeth. The Laboratory concerns itself with examining samples of blood, stool and Urine.

Fresher’s Week

First Year students (Freshers) are by tradition given an “acclimatization” period of normally one week which is referred to as the “Orientation Week”. The Freshers report on Campus one week earlier than the Continuing students and during this week they are introduced to the key facilities in the Institute as well as other important aspects of life at the institute. A programme of activities is always issued out and is expected to be strictly followed.


There are number of recreation and sports activities at the institute. The Department of Sports and Recreation offers welfare and sports skills services to the students through a comprehensive, dynamic and exciting Inter-Hall Sports Championships scheduled to take place during the First Semester of the each academic year.