ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Part 1(2)

Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology (UICT), in partnership with the Wits University working through its Joburg Center for Software Engineering (JCSE) is offering a certificate corse in ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course (Part 1)

Course information

Format:Wits accredited online short course
Certification:Wits University certificate of competence
Duration:10 weeks
Breakdown:8 weeks consecutive online lectures, one exam in week 10
Hours per week:5 to 7

Course Overview

Information technology lies at the heart of every business organisation the world over. Digital transformation is the buzzword in organisations and many IT departments are now expected to engage with the entire business and no longer act as the traditional back-office support function. This disruption of traditional silo’s to encourage a collaborative approach is an early step in initiating digital transformation. The information technology team, led by the chief information officer, has become a vital strategic and operational function. If you are an IT professional looking to grow and hone your skills so that you can lead an effective technology and information function, this is the IT Management for CIO Teams online short course for you.