Department of ICT & Engineering

The ICT & Engineering Department of Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology [UICT] offers Diploma and Certificate Programs in ICT and Engineering disciplines.

A Diploma is rewarded to students who complete a learning program focused on a specific subject. Diploma programs at UICT  take two years to complete.

For admission into any of the diploma courses at UICT, the applicant must have completed and attained Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (U.A.C.E) or any advanced certificate in the relevant field or any other equivalent qualification.

Department of Management 

The Department of Management of the Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology is mandated to offer Management training. The department of management aims to provide students, practitioners, and business people among others, who have not had training in business and management studies with training that is of internationally acceptable standard that offer local solutions to local problems. 

It is important to note that the Management department serves the following two groups of student population: students who are seeking to acquire business skills in order to obtain a job, and students who are seeking to gain the necessary skills in order to obtain academic certificates which will allow them to sustain and advance their careers.

Diploma Program’s Include

Department of ICT and Engineering
Department of Business and Mnagement