Department of ICT & Engineering

The ICT Department of Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology [UICT] offers Diploma and Certificate Programs in ICT and Engineering disciplines. All the Programs shall be completed under a semester system [two years each of two semesters].

The students shall cover theoretical and practical concepts. The programs shall consist of lectures, tutorials, demonstrations, laboratory practical*, student projects*, internship/industrial training*, and study visits/field tours*. Internship/industrial training shall cater for on-job training to increase employability for students to become job ready and get best placements in industry.

ICT Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma in Information Technology in Science [DITS]
  2. Diploma in Information Technology in Business [DITB]
  3. Diploma in Multimedia Technology [DMT]
  4. Diploma in Computer Technology [DCT]

Engineering Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering [DTE] 
  2. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering [DEEE]

Certificate Courses