EON Reality partners with UICT to bring AI-based solutions

This partnership between EON Reality and UICT is expected to set new benchmarks in ICT education and training by integrating AI-powered XR solutions. It will enable students and faculty at UICT to leverage immersive experiences and cutting-edge technology to push the boundaries of education and innovation in the communications sector. One of the standout features of EON Reality’s new AI-powered technology is Spatial AI, featuring a full-bodied avatar that can see, hear, and interact with the world around it. This AI-driven avatar can instruct and provide demonstrations on a range of topics using XR, as well as support and assist users with real-world tasks by offering real-time feedback in Augmented Reality.

New UICT Governing Council assumes office

The 6th Governing Council took the mantle from the 5th Governing Council at a handover ceremony held in Kampala on Friday. While officiating at the ceremony Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, Minister for ICT and National Guidance welcomed the new team and cautioned the outgoing one that they are still part of UICT for guidance and leadership support for the institute to continue making progress.