UICT Signing a contract with ABSA


The Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology (UICT) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ABSA, aimed at bridging enterprises, businesses, communities, and skills development to build a talent ecosystem for the ICT industry in Uganda, specifically focusing on Cloud Computing.

Objectives of the Partnership

The MoU between ABSA and UICT is designed to:

  • Develop Talent: Cultivate a skilled workforce equipped with the latest knowledge in ICT, particularly in Cloud Computing.
  • Enhance Skills: Provide students and professionals with adequate training and certification courses required by employers.
  • Create Job Opportunities: Facilitate job creation and revenue generation by preparing individuals with practical skills needed in the ICT industry.
  • Support Enterprises and Businesses: Bridge the gap between education and industry by ensuring that the skills taught align with the needs of enterprises and businesses in Uganda.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Training Programs

The partnership will offer a range of training and certification courses in Cloud Computing. These programs are designed to equip participants with the latest and most relevant skills, ensuring they are prepared to meet the demands of the modern ICT industry.

Increased Employability

By providing access to industry-recognized certifications and practical training, the partnership will enhance the employability of students. This will help graduates kick start their careers and increase their chances of securing jobs in the competitive ICT sector.

Community and Business Engagement

The collaboration between ABSA and UICT will also focus on engaging with local communities and businesses. This approach ensures that the training provided is relevant to the local job market and addresses the specific needs of Ugandan enterprises.

Strategic Goals

  • Talent Ecosystem: Build a robust talent ecosystem that supports the growth and development of the ICT industry in Uganda.
  • Industry Alignment: Ensure that the skills and knowledge imparted through the training programs are aligned with industry requirements.
  • Sustainable Development: Contribute to sustainable economic development by fostering job creation and supporting the growth of local businesses.

Future Directions

The partnership between UICT and ABSA aims to:

  • Expand Course Offerings: Continuously update and expand the range of courses offered to include emerging technologies and skills.
  • Increase Accessibility: Make training programs more accessible to a wider audience, including remote and underrepresented communities.
  • Strengthen Industry Collaboration: Work closely with industry partners to ensure that the training programs remain relevant and up-to-date with technological advancements.
  • Monitor and Evaluate: Regularly assess the impact of the training programs on students’ employability and industry growth, making necessary adjustments to maximize effectiveness.


The MoU between UICT and ABSA marks a significant step towards building a skilled and employable workforce in Uganda’s ICT industry. By providing comprehensive training and certification programs in Cloud Computing, this partnership will not only enhance the skills of students but also support the growth of local enterprises and contribute to the broader economic development of the country.

The MoU between ABSA and UICT is to bridge enterprises, businesses, Communities, and skills development to build a talent ecosystem for the ICT Industry (specifically Cloud Computing) in Uganda. This will provide adequate skills, training, and certifications courses that are required by employers, for job creation and revenue generation. Access to these courses will prepare students with the latest and practical skills to work in the ICT industry, making them more employable and helping them kick start their careers.

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