Holiday Program in Graphic Communication & Digital Design

Embark on a creative journey with QuarkXpress, Edrawmax, Adobe XD, and Corel Draw! This is an opportunity to explore a realm of innovation, where new ideas, materials, prototypes, and cutting-edge tools converge in flex layout. Here, the focus isn’t just on creating, but on crafting a unique and captivating end product. Dive into the world of infographics, where the proper organization of elements and the principles of design intertwine to manifest awareness and sensitivity.

Join us in this transformative experience to unleash your creativity! Register now to begin your adventure in QuarkXpress, Edrawmax, Adobe XD, and Corel Draw. Together, let’s explore and harness the power of these tools to craft products that stand out. Learn how to utilize infographics effectively, ensuring your designs communicate with depth and impact. Let’s embark on this journey of innovation, creativity, and visual storytelling!