Unleashing Innovation and Collaboration: GDSC Demo Day

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) have been instrumental in fostering a vibrant community of students passionate about Google technologies and programming worldwide. The Demo Day organized by the Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) UICT chapter, in collaboration with eight other universities, was a remarkable event held on July 8th, 2023. This event brought together students, volunteers, exhibitors, mentors, judges, and panellists to showcase innovative projects developed by students and provide them with opportunities for growth and mentorship.

At UICT, I, Tusiime Mark, had the privilege of leading this community and growing it on our campus. Throughout the year, we organized various events, including Flutter Forward Extended and Tech Boot Camps, to engage students and enhance their technology and programming skills. These events laid the foundation for an exciting new initiative: UICT Demo Day.

Tusiime Mark during the GDSC Demo Day

The Birth of Demo Day

Following a successful joint hackathon with GDSC-MUBs, an inspiring idea emerged: Demo Day. The purpose of this event was to provide a platform for individuals to pitch their projects to a panel of judges and allow existing tech enterprises to showcase their innovations, instilling hope in aspiring tech enthusiasts.

Key Details of Demo Day

Demo Day brought together a diverse audience of 213 participants, including students from various universities and non-students. Nine universities were represented, namely UICT, MUBs, MUK, UCU, Cavendish, Kyambogo, IUEA, Ndejje University, and IUIU Girls Campus. UICT, in particular, presented 14 impressive projects from participating institutions, out of which one project was selected to advance to the next level. After months of meticulous planning, Demo Day finally came to life on 8th July 2023.

Project Pitches

A total of 14 projects were presented during the Demo Day, representing the unique ideas and skills of the participating universities. These projects covered various fields, including technology, business, social entrepreneurship, and aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The exceptional talent and creativity displayed by the participating institutions were truly inspiring.

Tusiime Mark, GDSC Lead, Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology

As the GDSC UICT Lead, I am incredibly proud of the successful Demo Day that took place on July 8th. It was a remarkable event that showcased the innovative projects and talent within our university and the participating institutions. The passion and dedication of the project owners were evident as they presented their ideas to the esteemed panel of judges and the enthusiastic audience.

Tusiime Mark

I am particularly thrilled to see the recognition given to the female-led project, highlighting the importance of empowering women in the field of technology. This achievement serves as an inspiration to all aspiring tech enthusiasts, encouraging them to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Recognition and Awards

Among the projects pitched, special recognition was given to an outstanding female-led project. The Keynote Speaker, Immaculate from Mkaziprenuer, awarded this project with a prize of 1 million Uganda shillings, highlighting the importance of empowering women in the field of technology.

Further Mentoring

Start Hub, a renowned organization specializing in nurturing startups, awarded the top three projects with an opportunity for further mentorship. They also promised to connect these projects to potential sponsors, enabling them to refine their ideas, receive guidance, and explore avenues for growth and entrepreneurship.


The Demo Day witnessed an impressive turnout, with a total of 213 attendees. Participants included students from various universities, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. The diverse audience fostered collaboration and networking among students and professionals alike.


The event featured eight exhibitors who showcased their innovative products, services, and research. These exhibitors added value to the Demo Day by demonstrating the practical applications of technology and sparking meaningful conversations among attendees.

Collaboration and Success

The event was a collaborative effort, with GDSC-UICT taking the lead and partnering with GDSC Mubs, GDSC Muk, GDSC Cavendish, GDSC UCU, GDSC IUIU, GDSC IUEA, and GDSC Kyambogo. This collective endeavor not only showcased the talent and innovation within our community but also fostered collaboration and networking opportunities among the participating universities.


GDSC Demo Day was an exceptional platform that celebrated innovation, nurtured creativity, and united tech enthusiasts from different institutions. It highlighted the potential of young minds in shaping the future of the tech industry. We extend our gratitude to all participants, organizers, and supporters who made this event a resounding success. Together, we will continue to inspire and empower the next generation of tech leaders. The Demo Day was a testament to the power of collaboration between nine universities. It successfully showcased 14 exceptional projects, providing recognition and mentorship opportunities to aspiring young talents. The event emphasized the importance of empowering women in the tech industry and encouraged participants to make a lasting impact.

Report by:
Mark Tusiime,
GDSC Lead, Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology

Lisa Kaitesi
GDSC Lead, Makerere University Business School

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