Open Bids



  1. Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology has allocated and intends to apply part of the proceeds of these funds towards the cost of pre-qualifying competent firms that will provide Goods, Services and Works to UICT in the next three financial years of 2019/20, 2020/21 & 2021/22.
  2. The categories of Goods, Services and Works to be provided are described below;
  3. Goods/ Supplies

Lot 1: Building materials

Lot 2: Cleaning equipment & materials and toiletries 

Lot 3: Computers, Computer consumables & accessories and Network Equipment

Lot 4: Drugs, laboratory equipment, reagents, chemicals and medical sundries

Lot 5: Electrical equipment and accessories

Lot 6: Electronics, Telecommunications and Laboratory equipment

Lot 7: Firefighting equipment and spares

Lot 8: Generators and Solar equipment

Lot 9: Printers, Printer consumables and accessories

Lot 10: Motor vehicles and Motor cycles tyres, tubes, batteries and Spare parts

Lot 11: Air Conditioners and Accessories

Lot 12: Security gadgets

Lot 13: Office Furniture and Fittings

Lot 14: Assorted office stationery

Lot 15: Office equipment and tools (Photocopiers, Faxes, Telephones, Scanners, safes, filing cabinets, etc.)

Lot 16: Pipes and fittings

Lot 17: Supply and installation of Computer software

Lot 18: Uniforms, Corporate shirts/blouses, Graduation gowns and protective wear

Lot 19: Plumbing materials

Lot 20: Standard reference textbooks

Lot 21: Glazing items (laminated and non-laminated)

Lot 22: Sanitary bins

Lot 23: FAQ polythene bags

Lot 24: Packaging bags 

Lot 25: Supply of Beverages: Sodas, Canned water, bottled water etc. 

Lot 26: Carpets, Curtains and fittings                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  1. Services

Lot 27: Advertising and Media

Lot 28: Air Ticketing, Tours & travel

Lot 29: Auctioneers

Lot 30: Catering services

Lot 31: Cleaning services including compound maintenance

Lot 32: Clearing & Forwarding

Lot 33: Computer repair & maintenance

Lot 34 : Consultancy services (Legal, Accounting, auditing & bookkeeping, Taxation, Architectural, Engineering, Surveying, Urban planning & landscape architectural, Recruitment etc)

Lot 35: Courier Services

Lot 36: Engraving services

Lot 37: Events management

Lot 38: Garbage collection & Disposal

Lot 39: Hotel & Conference facilities

Lot 40: Insurance brokerage and Insurance

Lot 41: Internet and ICT related communication services (web and mail hosting etc)

Lot 42: Maintenance & repair of electrical equipment

Lot 43: Maintenance & repair of furniture & fittings

Lot 44: Maintenance & repair of office tools & equipment

Lot 45: Maintenance and repair of Air Conditioners

Lot 46: Maintenance and repair of firefighting equipment

Lot 47: Motor vehicles hire services

Lot 48: Printing art and design (Identity/PVC cards, printed stationery etc)

Lot 49: Repair & Maintenance of motor vehicles & Cycles

Lot 50: Secretarial, binding & photocopying services

Lot 51: Security Services

Lot 52: Fumigation and pest control

Lot 53: Training

Lot 54: Dry cleaning services (Curtains, Gowns etc) and carpet cleaning services

Lot 55: Plumbing services

  • Works

Lot 56: Metal works and Fabrication including welding, bending, cutting/shearing and wielding

Lot 57: Electrical works

Lot 58: Building & Carpentry

Lot 59: Civil works and painting

  • Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology now invites suitably qualified bidders to submit sealed pre-qualification submissions for the provision of Goods, Services and Works for the next three financial years.
  • Pre-qualification submissions will be evaluated in accordance with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act, 2003of the Government of Uganda. Pre-qualification is open to all eligible bidders.
  • Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from and inspect the pre-qualification documents at the address given below at 7.0 from 29th July, 2019 to 30th August, 2019; 9.00am to 5.00pm.
  • The pre-qualification documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of a written application to the address below at 7.0 and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of UGX 100,000 (Uganda Shillings One hundred thousand only). The method of payment will be by deposit of the amount above on the Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology account number 9030005844494 Stanbic Bank. The document will be picked by the bidders from the address given at 7.0 upon presentation of a receipt issued by UICT Accounts Department. No liability will be accepted for loss or late delivery.
  • Pre-qualification submissions clearly marked ‘Short listing Documents for the provision of works, services or supplies to Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology (UICT) for the Financial Years 2019/20, 2020/21 & 2021/22.must be delivered to the address below on or before 6th September, 2019 at 2.00hrs. Late submissions shall be rejected.

The Head, Procurement and Disposal Unit

Uganda Institute of Information and Communication Technology

Plot 9 – 21 Old Port Bell Road, Nakawa

P.O. Box 7187, Kampala.

Tel: 0414505407

  • Bids will then be opened in the Institute’s Boardroom in the presence of the bidders’ representatives who choose to attend at 2:15hrs on 6th September, 2019

 The planned procurement schedule (subject to changes) is as follows:

Activity Date
Publish bid notice 25th July, 2019
Issue of  Solicitation Document 29th July, 2019
Pre-bid meeting/ Site visits where applicable N/A
Bid closing date 6th September, 2019
Opening of bids/proposals 6th September, 2019
Evaluation process 9th September, 2019
Display and communication of Best Evaluated Bidder Notice 16th September, 2019