Governing Council


UCC operates and manages UICT through its governing council and in accordance with the provisions of the Uganda Communications Act section 5 (1) (w) Act 2013, the Universities & Tertiary Institutions Act No. 7 of 2001 and Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions (Establishment of Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology) Instrument no. 79 of 2005.

The Institute is run by four organs, the Uganda Communications Commission Board, the Governing Council, the Academic Board and Management Committee.

Governing Council

The Institute has a Governing Council appointed by the Minister in accordance with Section 77 (2) of The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001.

No. Name Title
1. Dr. Dorothy Okello Chairperson
2.  Ms. Harriet Omoding Member
3.  Mr. Derrick Sebbaale Member
4.  Mr. Kenneth Bagarukayo Member
5.  Eng. Edward Kasule Musisi Member
6. Mr. Muyonjo F.A Mugwiri Member
7.  Mr. Umar Kajumba Member
8.  Mr. Ochira John Pakony Member
9.  Ms. Irene Nakiyimba Member
10.  Dr. Fabiano Okware Member
11.  Mr. Francis Bwire Member
12. Mr. Joseph Ochom Member
13. Ms. Joan Katambi Member
14. Ms. Joan Apolot Member
15 Ms Betty Akongo Member