Business Development Center

The Business Development Centre offers specialized ICT training and consultancy services to enhance the Institute income and also give staff a chance to apply their skills and knowledge to earn additional income. Tailor-made packages to suit the individual and/or organizational needs that can be arranged on request include:

 Access Network planning and project Management
 Computer and Data Security
 Computer Repair, Installation and Maintenance
 Data base Systems
 Data communication and computer networking
 Digital Electronic Systems
 Digital radio principles
 Domestic Mail Operations
 Electronic Commerce
 ICT for Executives
 International Mail Operations
 Internet Service Provider Design
 Introduction to Computers – Microsoft for unlimited potential
 Introduction to Microwave Technology and Satellite Communication
 Customer Care
 Entrepreneurship Skills
 Electronic Records Management
 Result Oriented Management
 Introduction to structured Cabling
 ISP Backbone Routing Protocol Workshop Design
 Microwave Technology
 Networking and Systems Security
 Optic Fibre Installation and Maintenance
 PBX and FAX servicing and maintenance
 Postal Policies and Operations
 Radio call communication
 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
 Switchboard operations
 Systems Analysis and Design
 Website Development and Design
 Project Planning and Management
 Hospital Records Management
 Project Monitoring and Evaluation
 Procurement and logistics

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