Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)

This program helps student graduates to successfully take correct business and management decisions based on professional judgment to address the challenges faced by any organization in today’s business world. At the end of the programme, students are required to develop and present a Research Project prior to their graduation.

Benefit of the Course / Justification

At the end of the study the students are expected to acquire skills that include:

  • Explain issues in modern business.
  • Identify means of using ICT in business functions.
  • Learn appropriate business methods and strategies in any business organization.

Target Group

This diploma program is designed to cater for all those who meet the admission requirements and include: 

  • Holders UACE [A Level] in Science and arts subjects
  • Holders of UCE [O Level] with relevant certificate to improve on their careers
  • In-service business professionals officers with relevant Certificate qualifications

Minimum Entry Requirement

UACE with at least a principal pass and 2 subsidiary passes & 5 passes at O’ Level


UCE / O’level with at least three credits and a certificate from a recognised institution

 Course ModuleTable 1:  Program Structure for Diploma in Business Administration (DBA

  Year  One     Semester  One                 
S/No. Course Code Course  Name  
1. DBAD 111 Fundamentals of Business  Administration  
2. DBAD112 Fundamentals of Financial  Accounting  
3. DBAD113 Fundamentals of Economics  
4. DBAD114 Business Communications Skills  
5. DBAD115 Information Communication Technology  I  
6. DBAD 116 Information Literacy  
Year  One     Semester  Two  
1. DBAD122 Fundamentals  of Marketing  
2. DBAD124 Business Statistics  
3. DBAD125 Information Communication Technology  II  
4. DBAD124 Business   Law  
5. DBAD125  Principles of Management  
6. DBAD125 Internship/Industrial Training & Report  
Year  Two        Semester   One  
1. DBAD211 Principles ( Fundamentals)  of Taxation  
2. DBAD212 Auditing and Assurance Services  
3. DBAD213 Business Information Systems  
4. DBAD214 Financial Management  
5. DBAD215 Research Methods and Proposal  
6. DBAD216 Entrepreneurship skills  
Year  Two        Semester  Two
1 DBAD221 Electronic   Commerce  
2 DBAD222 Cost   Accounting  
3 DBAD223 Human Resource Management  
4 DBAD224 Project Management t & Project Proposal  
5 DBAD225 Customer care and clients Relationship